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Rainy Day Savings

Rainy Day Savings

Welcome to the Inaugural Year of the Rainy Day Savings Program!    

As a participant in the program, you can earn up to $100 in incentives as well as other bonus incentives during the year.  Each incentive is worth $25 and can be earned for the following activities: 

  • Attend a Niner Finances workshop - Fall Workshop was Oct 18 / Spring Workshop will be Mar 20
  • Complete FAFSA before the priority deadline
  • Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Niner Finances
  • Maintain a Balance of $475 for at least a month
  • Set up a recurring deposit of at least $5/month into a savings account for at least 3 months

Every time you complete an incentive, you must fill out the submission form to request the incentive.  In addition, you are required to submit your bank statement monthly (by the 15th of each month) to show that your deposits are being made to a savings account. See the QR Code below for a link to the incentive form.

In order to receive your incentive, you must also set up a direct deposit with the University (physical checks are not an option).  Ideally, this direct deposit will be directly to your savings account, however, if your direct deposit is already connected to a checking account, you are required to transfer the funds you receive to your savings account promptly.  All completed incentives will be submitted at the beginning of the month.  Deposits are not immediate - please allow until the 15th of each month for the deposit to arrive.

Incentive/Bank Statement Submission