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Fidelity Bloom

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• Get $50 when they open an account and deposit $253
• Receive a 10% match on their first $300 of deposits4
• Get up to $30 cash rewards for complete in-app lessons

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The Android experience is now available. 

What is Fidelity Bloom®? 
Fidelity Bloom® offers a new way to make smart money decisions now and after graduation—it’s a free1 and easy-to-use app that provides cash rewards for learning better money habits2.
Learn More about Fidelity Investments®
Fidelity Investments® is one of the world’s largest providers of financial services. With a reputation for safety and stability, the firm helps customers reach investing and retirement goals. Fidelity is committed to working with young and novice investors who are just beginning their financial journey by providing the resources and tools to help make smart money decisions. For more information about Fidelity Investments, visit or the How-to Guide.



Fidelity Bloom® is an easy-to-use app that provides financial rewards for learning how to save and invest, helping you make better money decisions now and after graduation.

Fidelity Bloom® offers automated cash rewards to help you build long-lasting habits. To get started, you get $50 when you open an account and deposit $25. You must maintain a balance of at least $25 to receive the Fidelity bonus. Fidelity Bloom® also offers a 10% Savings match on up to $300.

Fidelity Bloom is an app to access two brokerage accounts. To open an account within the app, you need to be at least 18 years old. You also need to have a social security number to complete the digital account open process.

To open your Fidelity Bloom® account, you will need the following:
•Y our social security number
• A personal email address that you commonly use (Fidelity recommends you do not use your school email address)In some cases, you may also need a U.S. government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. These are needed to help protect you against fraud. They’re commonly used when opening any type of financial account to verify your identity and keep you safe.

An existing Fidelity Investments customer can open a Fidelity Bloom® account using the UNC Charlotte QR code. When you log into you will see all your accounts with Fidelity.

Please call 1-800-FIDELITY to speak directly with an associate. Please indicate you are part of the UNC Charlotte program so the associate can route your call to the right support person.

If you have other Fidelity accounts and want to open a Fidelity Bloom® account, you will first need to reset your password to access your account(s) through To reset a password you will need to follow the following steps:
• You'll need to verify your identity:
• When asked to request a security code, select the phone number where you want the code sent
• When you get it, be sure to enter the actual 6-digit security code in the field and not the number the code comes from
• If you're asked a security question, answer it and then you'll be prompted to create a new password:
• If you answer incorrectly, Fidelity will block access to your account until we can verify no one else is trying to access it
• To unblock your account, please call a customer service representative at 800-343-3548
• Once your account is unblocked you can open your Fidelity Bloom account using the UNC Charlotte QR code.

• After you add money to your save account, tap the save account tile on the home tab. 
• Tap the investments tile.
• Browse mutual fund collections, or learn more through lessons and tools.
• There are other investment options available through

A Fidelity Bloom® Save account is required to receive program rewards. •To receive the current in-market reward (i.e., $10, $10, $10), students must complete all lessons in the module: 
• The module covers 3 categories: saving, spending, and investing. 
• There are 7 lessons in each category, with a total of 21 lessons and 3 tests. 
• Students must acknowledge and claim the reward at the completion of the 3 modules to receive the reward deposit. 
• Students must claim their reward prior to the posted reward end date (i.e., Dec. 31). 
• Once a student claims the reward, the student’s eligible Bloom Save account will be funded within 2-6 calendar days (depending on time of claim, holidays, and weekends). 
• Rewards can only be claimed one time per offer. Students may retake the modules, but no additional rewards will be issued.

1. The Fidelity Bloom® app is free to download. Fees associated with your account positions or transacting in your account apply.
2. The Fidelity Bloom App is designed to help with your saving, spending and investing behaviors through your Save and Spend accounts, which are brokerage accounts covered by SIPC. They are not bank accounts and therefore are not covered by FDIC insurance.
3. Limited time offer.
4. 10% is an introductory, limited-time rate.

Investing involves risk, including risk of loss.

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